Michael Tavani is founder of Switchyards and Scoutmob and host of On Doers

Atlanta-based. Passionate about design, products, building companies & speaking on startups. Started Tavani Soccer Camps with my dad & brother in 2002. Determined to find a cure for EB for my niece Ellie. 5-time marathon runner. Juris Doctor. Married to a former high school classmate & dad to J-man & Hudson B. And overall Italian Stallion.

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Made With Soul in Atlanta / Founding Members / Switchyards launches / Switchyards on Tech Edge / Creative Mornings promo / CNN Exploring your city / Behind the scenes at Scoutmob / pretty big plans / Scoutmob Effect / complete Scoutmob history / CNN piece / attracts investors / Clark Howard / launch of Shoppe / just start something

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photo credit: Dustin Chambers